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well, let's see... it's high-time i update this whole "who we are" thing, so here we go:

my name is deanna, and i'm pretty much running the show around here. I'm 24, and i live in new york city. i graduated from college with an honors degree in linguistics (concentration in feminist sociolinguistics), and moved to nyc shortly thereafter. i worked for a while in the finance department of a big german corporate yicky telecommunications firm, which was ... interesting ... i loved my bosses and my co-assistant to death, but the job itself was a disaster area. last fall i got a new job doing web design for a small ad agency in the Village, and it kicks ass. i love it, every minute of it. no more working for The Man for me!

this zine was started in 1998 by my friend deb and i. deb helped me a lot of with the conceptualization of what i wanted to accomplish and wrote an article called apples & pears. since then, i've taken over all of the creative, technical, and design elements of the site, and it's my baby! but i still receive a lot of support from many friends who critique and help me out with info gathering. at the end of last year, i took on a new contributing editor to help me keep myself in check... :-)    j.d. has written some phenomenal work, and i'm glad to have her on board. [especially since she doens't mind that i can't pay her. :-) ]    check out her stuff in the articles arena.

the purpose of this site has two levels, i think: a broad, general ideal that a whole bunch of people from all walks of life will stop by and read what we have to say; and a narrow target of giving younger grrls and womyn a fresh voice on things. the site is intended as a sounding board for myself and a proactive haven among the hoards of bitch-bitch-bitch sites out there. (don't get me wrong, i like those sites and think they serve a purpose, but to quote Austin Powers... "it's not my bag, baby!")

so, that's pretty much it. who are you?

you can contact me oh-so-easily by sending mail to: