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New links have finally been added (in no particular order, mind you)! Check 'em, y'all:

  • Ladybug: Just got mail from the editor of this kick-ass 'zine, LuLu, and I was immediately taken aback by allllllll the info and articles presented here. I bow down! Bow! Bow! Check it out, kids.
  • Real Girls' Magazine: "The magazine for girls with better things to do than their hair." GOOD STUFF! I checked them out tonight, and these women have their shit together. A must-read!
  • Genuine: In the words of the editor, "For women who are changing the world and the way it looks at and thinks about them." And that's the truth, kids!
  • Stirring: A Literary Collection: Good, wide collection of online writers producing some pretty amazing stuff.
  • Guerrilla Girls: One of my favorite activist groups of all time. They've pulled off some awesome, AWESOME stunts here in NYC, and they have lots of great info on their site. (Note to any Guerrilla Girl who might be reading: I wanna join! PLEASE!)
  • Girls with Moxie: a DIY gurl network for chicks diggin' email pen-pals, tape trading, and much more.
  • watrjournal: Yo, I used to think that I bared my soul in my 'zine... that is, until I read Laura's watrjournal! Very interesting and insightful... and giver her a shout-out, she's baring her heart and soul to ya's.
  • Abbagirl: Sarah's homepage, and she's got a TON of great links to other womyn/grrl sites.
  • gypsymystique: A site put together by this chick Charice, who's a young writer on her way to greatness. Check her out!
  • Big Miss Moviola: This is a fairly new site that's for women filmmakers... you gotta go there to fully grasp their whole schtick, but the short story is it's a bid movie chainletter site that's a KICK-ASS idea.
  • rockgoddess: A great site for info on the chick-rock scene in Chicago. Keep it together, grrlz!
  • New Moon: Publishers who care about girls and their power... for real!
  • "chaotic endeavour" is the title of the site, and it's true. nonetheless, it's SO GROOVY, dahlings. check it. (requires Internet Explorer.)
  • A new ezine covering a lot of ground -- news, reviews, editorials, advice, features, and beauty. Good stuff!
  • Straight from the pages of our guestbook, go check out Road Rage 'Zine, put together by Love. Lots of interesting articles from the "front lines!"
  • As recommended by a reader, check out! Anybody who's site motto is "I am woman, hear watch me roar kick ass" has gotta be cool...
  • Girl Power Nonprofit empowerment project aimed at girls. Yeah!
  • Action Comix Led by the now almost infamous Sarah Dryer. Seems like everybody out there knows her!!
  • ROCKRGRL Magazine Jammed packed with excellent music info, and much more.
  • Riot Grrrl Stuff Everything you ever need or wanted to know about the riot grrrl movement.
  • Riot Grrrl The official (I think) site of RiotGrrrl magazine. There's TONS of things to do here-- chat, gaming info, hilarious stuff, articles, whatever.
  • SlantGirl Totally awesome site about a young asian feminist.... very cool stuff.
  • Grrowl 'Zine Kick ass sight with so much stuff, it's just plain unbelievable. :-) Grrowl's got it together!
  • The Poptart Pages Brought to you by another seemingly famous Netgrrrl, this site ROCKED MY WORLD. Okay, maybe I shouldn't go that far, but you know what I mean.
  • grrlPOWrr Personal 'zine, with a journal, links, the 'zine itself, and oh-so-much-more!

you can contact me oh-so-easily by sending mail to: