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  • Loogie Duty: Issue #3 of my newly-named Flash comic books. Lots of entertaining drivel for me and a few friends, pretty much. This issue: I combat the evils of the NYC subway system!

  • Burritofoot! NEW! Issue #2 of my comic book. All about frozen foods gone awry! MADNESS ENSUES!

  • Ramblings: A scary view inside the brain of this webmistress.

  • Restaurant in Poor Taste: by Jonathan. A call to boycott a NYC restaurant due to a severe homophobic outburst. PLEASE READ AND PASS ON!

  • 4th of July: A sentimental-ish talk about the evolution of Independence Day for me.

  • Making Sense of a Movement's Mid-life Crisis, by Sarah Curtis-Fawley :
  • An article originally written by Sarah for a University of Virginia magazine, Sarah discusses her response to Time Magazine's "Is Feminism Dead?" issue from the summer of 1998... and continues on to deeper issues outside of and within the feminist movements.

  • Angry Times 3
  • , by j.d.: A response to an inflammatory New York Times editorial regarding abortion rights on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

  • The S.Y.D.L. Manifesto, by j.d.: A view of the NYC subway system... I won't give away the juicy bits. :-)

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