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Ani Difranco What better way to start off a collection than with the Queen of indie-folk-punk herself, Ani DiFranco. She's (make no mistake!) no heroine-- she's one of us, out there fighting our battles and singing stories of passion, rebellion, and everyday life. The proud founder/owner/CEO of her own label, Righteous Babe Records, Ani inspires and endures. Find out more at Absolute Ani, Another Ani DiFranco Page brought to you by Alan Storm, or AJ's Not a Pretty Ani Page.
Bitch and Animal My newest discovery: Bitch and Animal! These chicks ROCKED my world at the two shows I saw them at in upstate New York. Showing their stuff with in-yer-face poetry, music, and that touch o' humor to make it all settle well in your brain, I am now a complete addict. PLEASE (!!!) go check out their site at, and buy their CD. It's worth it, y'all!
Indigo Girls The Indigo Girls were the first all-chick band that I went out and bought every single album of. They've been been trucking through issues, good tunes, and excellent shows for a while now, and hopefully, they'll keep on providing us with awesome vocals and kick-ass acoustics. Check them out at their offical site.
PJ Harvey Let me first just say that although I don't care for all of PJ Harvey's music, I definitely consider her a huge icon of feminist-oriented music. Having said that, she pretty much rocks, and you can check out a really cool site about her here.
Sinead O'Connor Going further than her pop hit "Nothing Compares 2 U," you'll find Sinead O'Connor to be one of the most intriguing and empowering women out there. Have a listen to her first album, "The Lion and the Cobra," and you'll see what I mean... in the mean time, check out The Sinead O'Connor Site.
Melissa Ferrick If Ani is the Queen of indie-folk-rock, make way for the Princess! Delivered with all of the inspiration and intimacy that makes her such a compelling artist, Melissa’s deeply personal yet universal lyrics pluck the heart strings of all who hear her. Each song tells stories of lust, love, loss, and liberation, and all served up with the sparkling spunky personality her fans (fondly called Ferrickheads) have crossed-country to witness live! Run, don't walk, to! You won't regret it! (Review contributed by our reader Lexie! Woohoo! All you Ferrickheads out there can drop her a line at It'd make her happy.)
Grrl-Friendly Musicians!
Belizbeha A waycool jazz/hiphop/funk band out of Burlington, VT; lots of really great lyrics... and the chicks in the band aren't just the backup singers. Lots of info is available on their website!
Maceo Parker I saw Maceo (who's the former saxophonist for James Brown and P. Funk, by the way)perform at Jones Beach this summer, and... I can't even describe the most exhilirating funk experience I've ever had. The man and his band converted a huge crowd of unsure Ani fans into dedicated fiends. Yeah baby!

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